wwPCRemote lets you remotely control your PC using your iPhone. Things you can control include:
- Devantech USB relays, which let you turn on and off lights in your house, open / close your garage door, etc.,
- Hardware and software that react to UDP messaging,
- a restart or shut down of your computer, as well as, other computers connected to yours over your network, and
- turning on other computers connected to yours over your network 1.

wwPCRemote for the iPhone and wwPCRemote for the PC work together to let you use your iPhone to remotely control your PC.

wwPCRemote for the iPhone:

wwPCRemote for the iPhone comes in a Lite and a Full version.  Here is a recap of what’s the same and what’s different about them: 



wwPCRemote Lite

UDP Messaging Yes wwPCRemote Lite Yes wwPCRemote Full
Control Devantech relays 2 Yes Yes
Run a PC Program or Script file Yes Yes
Restart / Shutdown your PC Yes Yes
Number of Buttons 80 2
Run multiple commands from one button Yes No
Displays Ads No Yes
Cost $1.99 Free
Apple App Store   Get it now     Get it now  

wwPCRemote for the PC (freeware) (v1.5 released March 2013):

The wwPCRemote Application runs on your Windows desktop, and looks like this:

wwPCRemote Buttons and CommandswwPCRemote SettingswwPCRemote Service

The PC program works with a background service which reacts to commands from both wwPCRemote Application and your wwPCRemote iPhone app.
The wwPCRemote Service starts working when you turn your computer on.  In this way you don’t have to first log on to Windows before your iPhone can start sending commands to your PC.

Just click here to download your free copy of wwPCremote for the PC (which includes both the wwPCRemote Application and the wwPCRemote Service programs).


1 To turn on other computers connected to yours over your network, the other computers must support Wakeup On LAN functionality. wwPCRemote can not wakeup the primary computer with which it communicates.
2 Devantech relay models supported: USB-RLY02, USB-RLY08, USB-RLY16, USB-OPTO-RLY88, and USB-OPTO-RLY816