iPhone Garage Door Opener (A Real Life Example)


Here's how to set up your iPhone, PC, and wwPCRemote to open your garage door:

Step 1
Get wwPCRemote Lite for free from the app store - or if you like you can get the full version.
wwPCRemote Lite
Step 2
Get a free account from no-ip.com
No-IP logo
Step 3
Get wwPCRemote for the PC for free from here.
wwPCRemote for the PC
Step 4
Install wwPCRemote for the PC on an internet connected PC that you will leave on.

Step 5
Setup wwPCRemote and your no-ip account following the instructions found here.
Step 6
Get a Devantech USB Relay Model USB-RLY02.

You will also need a Type A to Type B USB cable to run between your PC and the relay board.

Install the relay board using Devantech's device drivers available from here.
Deventech USB Relay
Step 7
Either connect your USB Relay to your garage door opener via a wireless remote control that works with your garage door opener or directly via wires.

If you go the wireless remote control route, set the remote up as you would normally (making sure it can open/close your garage door from where your PC is located). Once done, open the remote up, solder wires to its board which you can then in turn connect to the USB relay.

If you don't want to go this route, just run wires to your garage door opener as you would an extra open/close button.

Check you garage door opener manual first.

Myself, I went the wireless remote route, using a Chamberlain Clicker Universal Remote that worked perfectly with my garage door opener.

Here's a picture of where I soldered the wires to the Clicker's board --->

As I only have one garage door opener I just needed to solder wires at the common and the left button points; if you have two garage door openers and were using this same remote you could solder a wire at the right button point too.

I then connected one of the two wires to the 'COM' (Common) connection of Relay Switch 1, and the other wire to the 'NO' (Normally Open) connection of Relay Switch 1.

Garage Door Opener Remote
Step 8
Set a button entitled 'Garage Door' on your iPhone's wwPCRemote app. Also set up a command (assuming for the sake of this example your relay is connected to Com Port 4, and relay switch switch 1) as follows:
   Relay 4 1 Flash

Of course if you have two garage door openers you can set up two buttons and commands, the second command being:
   Relay 4 2 Flash
Step 9
Optionally set up distance restrictions on wwPCRemote for the PC.
For more detail, please click here.
Step 10
Enjoy using your iPhone garage door opener!

 iPhone Garage Door Opener Blueprint